Friday, May 13, 2011

Three weeks old today

Neena's puppies are 3 weeks old today and they  are doing great!!  All chunky and healthy and shiny.  Now that their eyes are open and they are moving around we can start with some very early learning, enrichment and exposure.  Today, we got some new identifier yarn collars on them again (Neena had already removed the rick rack ribbons we had originally put on) and we introduced them to several toys.  It was so fun to watch them and see how they reacted to and interacted with the toys:

Next, I introduced a piece of rabbit fur to them and drug it around the whelping box.  Several puppies showed interest and followed it around, then I added some very diluted rabbit scent to the pelt and drug it around with that:

Here is a video of the puppies first real play with toys, notice how some of the puppies are already grabbing and carrying the toys:


Here is a video of the puppies interacting with the toys and pelt for the first time:


In addition to the toy and pelt work, we also took them on a field trip to the kitchen!!  We put down a pad and brought them in and put them on the pad.  They were free to hang out on the pad, or explore.  Blueberry (blue ribbon puppy) ventured off.  Rainbow Brite (the rainbow ribbon puppy) quickly climbed off too.  Eventually, they all came over to me and snuggled up under my arms (I was lying on the floor). 

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