Saturday, May 21, 2011

Four Weeks and One Day

Rick and I went to visit the puppies today.  Sue was out, so it was just us, Neena and the puppies.  It was nice that Neena was comfortable and relaxed with Rick there having only met him a few times. 

The puppies are doing great and seem to change and develop so much even day to day.  Green Bean immediately went over to Rick asking to be picked up.  Of course, Rick picked him up immediately and had a hard time setting him down.  I observed that Daisy, was VERY outgoing and active today after seeming more reserved the other day.  Rick was paying a lot of attention to Green Bean and I had to remind him to say hi to Blueberry, who I call Bluesy.  He called Bluesy who RAN over to him all excited.  All of the puppies were so happy to see us.  All are affectionate and sweet and outgoing. 

I brought two new toys to add to their growing collection.  I brought out a scented rabbit pelt.  Bluesy was chasing it and chewing on it.  One of the girl puppies was too and now I can't remember which girl it was, but it was either Dolly or Daisy.  Green Bean also had a go at chewing at it.

Rainbow Bright and Violet are definitely longhairs.  I have to keep reminding myself that we getting a MALE, that we are getting a SMOOTH and that this is supposed to be Rick's new field puppy and trying not to look too hard at those gorgeous longhair girls.  

I didn't take pictures today, just played with puppies.  I love them more each time I see them. 

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