Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little about the training plan

I thought it would be nice to share a little bit about the early training and work we are doing with this litter. 

The early enrichment/learning ideas come from a few different sources.  Some of the things we are doing are my own ideas, while others come from experts such as Kay Laurence and Suzanne Clothier who have shared through books and/or lectures some of the things they do with their own puppies.  This information is invaluable.  I read everything I can in trying to come up with safe, positive ways to expose the puppies to many things in a way that is interesting and fun for them rather than overwhelming or frightening.

The early scentwork games as well as the interactive games that help us determine which puppies are more persistent, bold and outgoing almost completely come from my mentor in Dachshunds, Sharon Carr of Carrdox Dachshunds.  Sharon has been field trialing with her Dachshunds for many, many years producing a slew of field champions including multiple absolute winning dogs and nationally ranked dogs.  Over the years, Sharon has added more and more elements to the early training and then ongoing training to the point where she can pretty successfully determine who will be the most successful field dogs and to mold those that aren't as naturally good at it, into successful field dogs. 

Sue and I are both fortunate to have Sharon has a mentor.  She is invaluable and has the very unique ability to teach you, guide you and then, step back and let you start to think for yourself while always remaining right there to help. 

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