Friday, May 20, 2011

Four Weeks Old Today!

The puppies turn four weeks old today!  I can hardly believe that they are already four weeks and I can stand that I have to wait another 4 to 6 weeks to bring one home!  The puppies have been moved from the spare bedroom to the laundry room just off the kitchen so they are in their second environment.  They have a lot more space obviously which is great for them to explore and play.  They have toys which we rotate.

Yesterday I went by and spent some time with them which consisted of playing, holding, stacking, scented rabbit pelt play, snuggling and a field trip to the kitchen.  Next week, when they are 5 weeks old I will be taking them on a field trip outside and across the parking lot with Neena, where they will be exposed to rocks, pavement, dirt, chickens, steps, and simulated grass.  I can't wait, and you can count on pictures and videos. 

I am really thrilled with this litter.  Other than being individuals in a normal sense, the puppies are consistent in type and temperament.

Here are some pics from yesterday, the puppies just one day shy of 4 weeks old.  And yes, I do stack 4 week old puppies.  I used cottage cheese from a spoon.  I got decent pics if the puppies were into it and having fun.  I do not force or make them do it.  They are free to eat cottage and stand while I position their bodies if they choose to do so.  They were all cooperative and easy peasy!

Green Bean, at this time, he is my favorite.  He is balanced and low.  Short little hocks.  Head to die for, very much like Casey.  He is a snuggle bug and crawled right up and onto me.

Blueberry, the other boy.  Really nice boy too.  He is a bit more elegant than Green Bean which is fine, this is where it comes down to personal preference and what you "like".  He is active and on the go go go.  First out of the whelping box and first to explore just about everything.  I do LOVE this puppies attitude and I really like how he looks too!  And no, I am not taking two home!

This is Daisy.  Right now, structurally of the smooth girls, I think she is my favorite.  She is a bit more reserved temperament wise, in that she takes a moment to take things in.  Not necessarily a bad thing at all, just something to note.  I love her length and balance.  Pretty girl.  Sue has had her eye on this girl from the get go.

Hello Dolly!  Dolly is very similar to Daisy, just probably slightly shorter in body.  She is very outgoing and pretty bold.  She has bone and substance to die for.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a great pic of Dolly, but she is really pretty.  I am actually liking both Dolly and Daisy about the same.

Here is Violet.  She is a really pretty puppy.  A bolder girl for sure.  I like her substance and bone.  She is also balanced and just really nice.  Similar in type to Daisy and Dolly right now, except.....I suspect she MAY be a longhair.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of her stacked.

Last but not least, here is Rainbow Brite!  I am certain she is a longhair.  She is a smallish girl compared to the others but VERY balanced and really nice.  Super confident and bold.  First to do a lot.  Very outgoing.

Here are some pics of the babies just playing with toys and interacting with the rabbit pelt!

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