Monday, June 13, 2011

Venom is home!

On Saturday, Sharon Carr (Carrdox Dachshunds) who is the breeder of both Neena and the owner and co breeder of Casey came over to look at the puppies and pick hers out!  Yvonne Chohan, my friend and training assistant came over to do some stranger behavior assessments.  It was all very interesting and super fun!

Typically, Sharon and I are very close in our evaluations.  We know what we like and we usually know what one another will like.  That can happen when you breed, show and co own with someone for many years.  This time we had slightly different opinions.

She liked the two smooth girls very much which isn't surprising because they are very similar and both very nice.  In the end, Sue kept the pink girl (because that has always been her favorite) and Sharon took the yellow girl.  Even though Sharon liked Bluesy better in terms of structure, I chose the Green boy.  I chose him for a few reasons.  First, while I really love Bluesy's look, I still really like how Green looks.  He is a bit smaller, but very balanced and well put together.  The truth though is that I chose Green because of his more laid back temperament, his obvious sociability with humans and because he showed slightly more interest in the scent when we laid a tiny rabbit scent track.  So, Green is now Venom and he is home! 

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