Thursday, June 2, 2011

6 weeks tomorrow

The puppies will be 6 weeks tomorrow!  How time flies!  I went over today and spent some time with them.  I did a few scent activities with them today.  First, I added a lot more rabbit scent to my spray bottle and heavily scented their rabbit pelt.  Then, I pulled the pelt around for them to chase.  Bluesy (blue yarn), Green Bean green yarn) and Daisy (yellow yarn) showed the most interest in the pelt, although they all messed with it from time to time.  Daisy carried it around for a long time and showed a huge amount of interest in it.  Bluesy and Green Bean also tugged on it alot with each other and with Daisy, as a trio.

Next, I took three small tennis balls and scented one (the orange one) with rabbit scent.  There was definitely more interest in the scented one.  A few of them even carried it around.  Bluesy was very interested in that one ball and even took it into one of the beds.  Bluesy and Violet are shown carrying it around.

I took some head shots of everyone today too.
Dolly (pink):

Green Bean (green):

Bluesy (blue):

Rainbow Brite (multi):
 Violet (purple):

 Daisy (yellow):

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