Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update on the babies!

Since taking Venom home and his flying solo, I haven't written about the puppies.  The puppies are doing well.  It has been hot in Dublin and Sue introduced them to a wading pool which they love!  Venom, of course, came home with me. I registered him with the name Dublin's Black Metal at Braveheart.  Sue, kept Dolly (pink collar) and is naming her Dublin's Black Diamond.  She is still picking out a call name but is thinking of Jewel or Karat, I love both!  Sharon took home Daisy (yellow collar) and named her Carrdox Little Black Dress of Dublin and calls her Posh.  I love that!  Rainbow Brite, the smaller of the longhairs is going to her new home after July 1st.  Her call name is Ginger, but I don't know what the registered name will be.  Violet, the other longhair is going to Canada to live with one of Sue's cousins who has been contemplating a second dog for a long time!  That just leaves Bluesy, now Slick, whose registered name is going to be Dublin's Black Ice!  Love it!  Sue is looking for a wonderful show/field home for him, of course he has to be a pet first!  The puppies are awesome and growing up beautifully!

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  1. this is fascinating! we have been doing something similar with the darkmoonpuppyproject.blogspot.com only our puppies are orphans and rescues- from a huge litter of dalmatian/pit mixes that are having all sorts of adventures in adolescence to a single shi tzu it has been interesting to explore the similarities and differences when they get early handling and stimulation!