Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Deed Has Been Done

The deed has been done. Neena has been bred. I am so happy that Sue decided to go with Casey. I just love this dog. I love so many things about him that it's hard to name a few. Of course, I love his looks in general. He is a very masculine, heavy boned dog. Doggie for sure, but not overly so. He is male all the way. He moves beautifully and has a good front. He is low and long. He is an animal in the field, with already three Absolutes. He finished his bench championship easily. And, best of all, he has a sweet, syrupy, outgoing, lovely temperament. A perfect match for Neena.

Neena is a wonderful Dachshund in her own right. She has a nice front and a pleasing head. She has beautiful side movement. In very limited showing, she has both majors and needs just a few singles to finish. If I had put a little more into her and we didn't have so many schedules to meet, she would have been finished by now. She didn't even start showing until she was over three. I am not worried about it. I will finish her after the puppies.

The breedings were done on February 18, 19 and 20. Sue things she looks pregnant and will have a pregnancy test done on March 16. I can't wait. Hopefully, we will have a beautiful litter to do a lot of early learning and enrichment with. They aren't my puppies, but I am very close to Neena, to Sue (Neena's owner) and to Sharon (Neena's breeder and Casey's owner). So, even though they aren't "mine", I feel like they are mine.

If she is pregnant, and if she has puppies and if there is a beautiful male, we will take him. These puppies will be great great grandpuppies of our almost 14 year old Ivy. It will be nice to have a standard smooth in the house to show again.

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